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RAT TRAP x g39 (2020)
g39, Cardiff

RAT TRAP are artists and musicians - Gweni Llwyd, Carlota Nobrega, Thomas Rees, Elin Meredydd, Rhys Aneurin - that find their own routes through the maze of protocols and ways of doing things. Their outcomes are live events that mix music, performance and exhibition without one becoming the background for the others, blending audiences and artforms. They focus on live-ness and works that evolve during conversations. The work is raw and unmediated, but considered and precise.

RAT TRAP x g39 was a showcase of work by artists, musicians and bands from Wales, England and Portugal through a series of live events, residencies and exhibitions. They took place on and around a circular stage at g39, an artist led space in Cardiff, Wales. The stage became a space for sharing, celebration and conversation.

RAT TRAP x g39 also generated new collaborative artwork by artists - mystery artists were paired up ‘blind date’ style kicking off their collaborations with public candlelit meals and finishing with end of residency exhibition parties. Live music, parties, performance and screening events occured throughout RAT TRAP’s time at g39.

With love and thanks to:
The whole g39 crew
Arts Council Wales
Jennifer Taylor
Cor Cochion
Cybi Williams & L Barron
Ella Jones & Hugo Brazao
Aled Simons & Ines Brites

Photos: Elin Meredydd